Our clients have much to say about our Speed To Market, Inc. (STM) Quality Management System (QMS):

“We’ve been using our STM quality management system for over two years and have never had a significant problem during an audit, even at initial certification. Two separate auditors have commented that our QMS is among the best and most comprehensive they have seen from companies our size.”

Greg Bange
Manager Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Operations
Wicab, Inc.
(Early stage medical device company)

“In addition to providing effective and efficient quality systems on a day to day basis, one of the best tests of a QMS program is how it performs during an audit. We successfully have undergone three audits with the STM QMS and that is an excellent validation of both the program and its ease of implementation.”

John Comerford
Vice President and General Counsel (former) Wicab, Inc.
(Early stage medical device company)

“I was very impressed with the excellent service provided by our STM Senior Account Manager. He was competent, on-time and demonstrated flexibility when modifying the system to meet our specific requirements. The STM products, processes and people are great fits for growing companies.”

Ray Cracauer
Director, Engineering
Axela Biosensors, Inc.
(Life science instrument and reagent company)

“I’ve implemented the STM QMS at two different companies and have found it to be an excellent investment. It’s always a challenge to put a system in place while you’re developing a product. STM’s systematic approach saved time and allowed us to concentrate on our core business.”

Gregory Loney
Vice President of Engineering
BioImagene, Inc.
(Small digital pathology device manufacturer)

“STM gave us a huge leg-up on our quality and regulatory compliance. The QMS was a great investment… a substantial cost and time savings compared to building a system from scratch. I would recommend other startups evaluate the STM system to see if it fits their needs.”

John Maynard
VP of Product Development
VeraLight, Inc.
(Small noninvasive diabetes screening device company)

“With Speed To Market we were able to keep our development team focused on solving problems, not writing procedures. STM provided the complete Quality System package.”

Rick Thompson
President and CEO
Luminous Medical, Inc.
(Early stage automated glucose monitoring company)

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